Collapsible Tropic Net




The Rose Collapsible Tropics Net features a heavy duty fast actuating collapsible net handle. This three section telescoping handle is made from black anodized, thick walled, aluminum tubing and extends to 54 inches for maximum reach and collapses down to a convenient 23 inches for travel. In the collapsed position with the hoop removed, the unit will fit into most standard luggage.

Often used with an 18″ hoop and bag for good balance and yield, this handle incorporates the same head design as the ProNet series and can be easily used with any hoop size. The head design prevents the hoop from unscrewing from the handle if bumped against objects and the exclusive quick release design with positive locking action eliminates accidental collapse of the telescoping sections of the handle.

Options Include (Available for purchase in Pro Nets):

  • Standard Hoops:
    • 12″ Standard Hoop: #11R12H
    • 15″ Standard Hoop: #11R15H
    • 18″ Standard Hoop: #11R18H
  • Bent Triangle Hoops:
    • 15″ Triangle Hoop: #11R15HT
    • 18″ Triangle Hoop: #11R18HT
  • Standard Bags:
    • 12″ Standard Bag: #11R12B
    • 15″ Standard Bag: #11R15B
    • 18″ Standard Bag: #11R18B
  • Best Bags:
    • 12″ Best Bag: #11R12BCW
    • 15″ Best Bag: #11R15BCW
    • 18″ Best Bag: #11R18BCW

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SKUDescription Options Price

Collapsible Tropics Handle (with 18 in.hoop & standard bag)

Collapsible Tropics Net Set - 18" (Standard Aerial) $331.31

Collapsible Tropics Handle (with 18 in.hoop & best bag)

Collapsible Tropics Net Set - 18" (Fine Aerial) $338.47

Collapsible Tropics Net Handle 23″ to 54″

Collapsible Tropics Net Handle (Handle Only) $258.30

5/32 inch (4mm) Extra hex wrench & screw

Extra Hex Wrench & Screw $1.66