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Made in the USA

Rose Entomology's Specimen Sorting Trays are used for sorting insect specimens in alcohol under the microscope. Injection molded from bright white ABS plastic for good contrasting background.

st1 Dimensions:
Approximately L=112mm, W=112mm, H=16mm, with 7 raised partitions creating 8 sorting lanes.

st2 Dimensions:
Approximately L=113mm, W=86mm, H=8 mm, with 5 raised partitions creating 6 sorting lanes. Shorter width allows full view of tray without rotating to clear column on most microscopes.

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Part Number Description Price
st1 Specimen Sorting tray, 2 pack $10.90
st2 Smaller Specimen Sorting tray, 2 pack $9.50
st110 Specimen Sorting tray, 10 pack $48.75
st210 Smaller Specimen Sorting tray, 10 pack $42.25

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